About Us

For over 40 years, PED-Stuart Corporation has been a family-owned and operated manufacturing company. Countless hours have been invested by three generations of family members to get to where we are today. Thousands of products have been developed and manufactured for other businesses as well as ours. Since our inception, we have held numerous design patents, such as ski goggle carrying cases, plastic CD cases, multiple ID armbands, hot/cold compresses, and therapy mitts.

Our founder Stanley Walasek had some words of wisdom that have echoed throughout the halls for years. “Remember this. There will only ever be one original. Make sure that it’s yours.”

We hope to be here another 40 years and continue providing the same high-quality products proudly manufactured in the USA.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your business.

The PED-Stuart Corporation Family

Company History

  • 1982 Founded 2 businesses in Ivanhoe New Jersey under the names Stuart Promotional Products, Inc. & Packaging, Electronics and Devices Corporation.
  • 1989 Moved Business to Nanticoke Pennsylvania

  • 1995 Moved Business to Brooksville Florida

  • 2006 Name Changed to PED-Stuart Corporation

In Remembrance

Stanley Walasek 12/6/1926 – 3/20/2009
Steven Walasek 12/23/1954 – 11/27/2002

Stanley WalasekSteven WalasekErik Headshot Image

Erik Walasek