We have collaborated with customers to develop packaging and manufacturing solutions for ground-breaking heat-sealed products in the medical, industrial, and consumer sectors. Our experience involves using thermal and radio frequency heating techniques as well as elastomeric structures.

Innovative Designs

  • Suture Packages
  • Hot and Cold Therapy Products
  • Endoscopic Specimen Retrieval Bags
  • Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen Devices
  • Radiation Protection Shielding
  • Sterile Instrument Delivery Bags
PED Manufacturing

Send Us Your Idea

Our team is equipped and able to manage both large and small runs. We will work with you from concept to design to prototype and then to the final product. Please email or call and our product development team will respond as soon as we can. We look forward to making your idea into a physical product that you can hold in your hand.


Medical Products
ID Badges And Other Medical Alert Products